From a beginner tech to a master sensei, these courses will clear any confusion you may have regarding networking.
Choose the best class that fits your role and share amongst colleagues!

Networking basicS
for Beginners

Can you describe an IP address, MAC address, DCHP, Ping, IP Config, Subnets, Masks and Gateways? What about troubleshooting each one? This session is for anyone wanting to master the basics of networking!

You'll learn:

  • Packet Loss, Latency, and Jitter
  • Basic troubleshooting tools
  • Methods of remote access
  • and much more!

TBD (Summer Series)

INTERMEDIATE networking for techs

Do you want to learn more about SNMP? How do you troubleshoot complex network issues? Can you describe the basics of VLANs? These are the intermediate skills that every technician needs to know!

You'll learn:

  • Integrator tips
  • Why port-forwarding is insecure
  • Simple network management protocol
  • and much more!

TBD (Summer Series)


Are you a master ninja of your networks? Do you want to learn advanced tools for remote access and troubleshooting? This session will cover key advanced IP networkskills for AV technicians and integrators

You'll learn:

  • VPN Best Practices
  • SMNP Walk and NMAP
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • and much more!

TBD (Summer Series)